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The Greek island of Paros Greece is one of the most popular and touristy Greek islands. Paros is located in the heart of the Cyclades, in the Aegean sea, in front of Naxos and near Mykonos. It is a popular island and the reasons are obvious: exquisite sandy beaches in crystal waters, Parian traditional villages with white washed cubic houses in narrow paved alleys contrasted with the many colorful bougainvilleas, lovely chapels, an exciting nightlife…

Paros Island was known in antiquity for its fine marble. The main town is Parikia. The most cosmopolitan area of the island is Naoussa. Paros is also famous all over the world for it's ideal weather conditions for wind surfing. It's an island that can offer everything.

Thea Restaurant
The Scene:

Thea is situated by the sea, at the little port of Pounta, facing Antiparos, in the old wine-press building which was reconstructed and redecorated in 2000. THEA is the most famous restaurant in Paros not only for its gourmet cuisine, its exceptional sea view but also for its wine cellar, with more than 460 wine labels, covering almost the complete vineyard map of Greece, with an exceptional range of varieties and production years. All sorts of wines are kept in its cellar for aging: well-known wines, best-sellers, but also rare and precious ones, not easily found in restaurants.

The Food:

THEA has been introducing the invaluable gastronomic inheritance passed from generation to generation; old family recipes all the way from the Greek East – enticing fragrances, oriental spices, dishes cooked traditionally using only the purest and freshest ingredients.

The Scene:

Naousa, once a small fishing village transformed to a hip, cosmopolitan hotspot. With its new marina, Naousa is visited by local and international celebrities and entrepreneurs. In the picturesque port of Naousa, in front of the medieval wall that once protected the port form pirates, you will find Barbarossa. A stylish, all white fish restaurant, with exceptional view and service

The Food:

With a long tradition of serving tasty Greek food since the 60s, this restaurant has become a popular eatery among locals and tourists. What started as a simple ouzeri offering ouzo and tasty sea food, the Barbarossa has grown into a reputed eatery. Barbarossa offers exceptional fresh fish and local delicacies such as "gouna" (dried and then grilled mackerel) and sun dried octopus as well as modern Mediterranean cuisine. In this menu, you will also find eastern - flavors and a large selection of Parian wines.

The scene:

Located at the opposite side from Barbarrosa, also in the heart of the Naousa port, Mario's is the hippest restaurant in Paros. You will be eating next to famous actors, journalists and singers as everyone wants to be seen in Mario's. Situated in the heart of the port, you will be seeing and be seen by everybody who passes by.

The food:

Good food is enhanced here by the pretty location, a few feet from the fishing boats. Mario's specializes in fresh fish (from the fisherman a few feet away), and also fine cuisine. Such starters as tuna carpaccio with aromatic oil and smoked salt, and grilled octopus with bucovo and caper sauce segue to complex entrées like seafood pasta with diced asparagus and saffron, or fresh fish baked in a salt crust.

Clubs to visit:
  • Punda Beach club
  • Nostos club
  • Vareladiko Club
  • W Club

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