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The “Domes of Elounda, All Suites and Villas Spa Resort”, is situated in the internationally renowned hot spot of Elounda. The resort consists of eighty suites, eight private residences, three villas and a royal villa that represents not only the beauty of the Mediterranean, but also depicts the Cretan culture. The medieval monument of “Spinalonga”, as well as the historic tradition of Byzantium, shed the light of inspiration for the architectural design of “Domes of Elounda”.

The architectural philosophy behind the designs of “Domes of Elounda All Suites and Villas Spa Resort” is monumental for the use of domes and pyramidal roofs, earth color for the building materials, combined in harmony with the unique Mediterranean light and a distinctive approach to the use of volumes and space. The result is a unique resort development with autonomous residential units, which manages to integrate a unique vacation hot spot of the highest standards that fits in harmony with the landscape of Crete. Moreover, the area’s stunning views of the gulf of Elounda, the traditional town of Elounda, and the medieval castle of “Spinalonga” give the chance for a luxurious getaway.

In front of the resort lies an approximately three-acres lush area, which opens onto a private sandy and well protected from the streams beach, that offers a surplus of choices to keep you by the sea water with a stunning view of the “Spinalonga”. Physical beauty along with the high level of luxury services tailored to each visitor’s personal needs, fashions an unprecedented vacation that must be experienced by all.

Idyllic surroundings together with the distinguished elegance make this majestic resort the perfect place to rejuvenate in style. Moreover, the emphasis place on the brand name design of the resort main building and residencies and their array of amenities, as well as the innovative architecture, achieve the special relationship we aim to build and maintain with our guests.

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